CWC Africa Projects(Pty)Ltd t/a African Conservancies

CWC Africa Projects (Pty) Ltd t/a African Conservancies is a company registered in South Africa and offers its services to NPO’s, communities, private companies and governments around Africa, which include the following:

–  Setting up of Community Conservancy oversight entity

–  Strategic Reviews

–  General Management Plans

–  Range Expansions & Collaborations

–  Management Consulting

–  Marketing Plans

–  Conservation Plans

–  Operational Plans, including Outsourced Solutions

–  Comprehensive Communal Planning

–  Business Plans

–  Project Management

–  Transaction Advisory

–  FMCG Marketing & Sales

–  Community Mentoring

Our vision of a united and significant Conservation Economy in Southern Africa is what brings us together. A vibrant Conservation Economy will reduce wildlife crime as it brings tangible and meaningful benefits to the communities around and within these Wild landscapes.

Current active projects

Loziba Community Conservancy (CWC)

The Loziba Community Conservancy includes a corridor between the Pongola biospehere and Ithala Game reserve following the meandering Mkuze Valley, north towards Pongola and Lewisburg

A Variety of plains game, including impala, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, and small herd of 40 elephant, aardvarks, hyena, jackal, and a strong leopard population. Lion have found their way into the area from Hluhluwe Imfolozoi reserve. The habitat is ideal for Black Rhino and WWF BRREP is an active partner in establishing the Loziba Wildlife Reserve as a sanctuary.

Game farming, livestock beef, and some subsistence goats, hunting, ecotourism at nearby Babanango Game Reserve and Tangami Spa.

Game Farming, hunting
Livestock Beef
Ecotourism lodges
Maize, sorghum and cash crops
Carbon Trading

Illustrative sketch map of the target area for the establishment of the Loziba Community Conservancy and central big 5 Loziba Wildlife Reserve

Loziba Community Conservancy draft land use plan

The Loziba Community Conservancy draft structure for the establishment and management of the conservancy

Loziba Community Conservancy Constitution snapshot

Loziba Wildlife Reserve

Statement of intent

To establish an internationally recognised big five wildlife reserve within the Loziba Community Conservancy, that is:

• a flagship private- (< 30%) and community owned (> 70%) collaborative involvement and upliftment project;

• a sanctuary for the conservation of ordinary- and endangered fauna & flora including the black rhino;

• to implement proven ecological practices to manage all aspects of biodiversity;

• an eco system that is based on sustainable utilization to the advantage of all involved;

• ultimately the only practical solution to secure the safe existence of the 42 Mawana elephants.

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